Jo Lajosa 1.
Subotica, Serbia



Our main activities are:

  • Building of apartments and family objects following the principle ”key into a hand”
  • Building of roof constructions with loft or adding a roof on a flat roof
  • Building all kind of industrial, agrarian, educative and other objects
  • Building and adaptation of administrative buildings
  • Adaptation of apartmans and family objects
  • Projecting.

Our activities are focused to the teritory of Subotica and suburbia. Our enterprise dispose with enough technical and material resources to take part even in bigger projects as a main exponent and financier.

The main structure of the enterprise is based on a 60 year long experience of two establishers in the civil engineering. The construction building are made by our profesional staff, while the specific trade works are beeing made by our partners besides a very strict quality control.

By the realization of our projects we are trying to implement the newest technologies, and we are also appealing the same principles from our partners.

Our main principles are the best possible quality with reasonable and acceptable prices.